JGT Export

About JGT Export

JGT Export is the trading name of our family business, headed by the director John Tate.

After several years as an exporter in partnership with others, during 2003 we decided it was time to develop our own specialist organisation, able to respond quickly to our clients’
special needs.

Around this time, we also progressively shifted our focus from securing products from Australia and began actively researching suppliers in China. As the rest of the world now knows, China has become one of the world’s principal manufacturing and economic powerhouses. We were pleased and fortunate to become involved in that process at an early stage, as we actively sought and identified reliable suppliers of quality products.

Over the following year we worked with these suppliers to fine-tune production, packaging and logistics issues to a level where we are now proud to be associated with them. Not only can we now be sure that we can offer the best prices available, but we can be equally certain of the quality of the products and their out-turn at destination.