JGT Export

Product Location & Sourcing

If you are a builder, joiner, fabricator or otherwise involved in the construction industry and you need the right building products at the right prices, reliably delivered at the right place and time, then we can help you.

Internation Shipping & Handling

Naturally, logistics are our strong point and we can arrange for your orders to be shipped or flown to your local seaport/airport, and we can handle all the paperwork, including customs and quarantine requirements.

Local Delivery

Alternatively, we can arrange delivery of your order to a local freight forwarder or shipping line /air line – no matter how big, how heavy or how fragile your order may be.


We can also arrange it so that every step of the way your products will be insured, so that even if the worst happens, at least you won’t be out of pocket.


JGT Export is an export brokerage house based in Brisbane, Australia.

We specialize in connecting our clients in the Pacific Basin with suppliers from around the globe, with a specialized range of building, structural, joinery and fabrication products.It is our pleasure to receive enquiries and negotiate the best deals available for our clients.

About JGT Export

JGT Export is the trading name of our family business, headed by the director John Tate.

After several years as an exporter in partnership with others, during 2003 we decided it was time to develop our own specialist organisation, able to respond quickly to our clients’ special needs…. read more